• Secretary of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of Morocco in Cairo (Egypt)(1962),
  • Professor at the Faculty of Letters in Fes and Rabat (1966),
Appointed by late His Majesty Hassan the second :
  • Professor at Royal College (since 1979),
  • Dean of the Faculty of Letters of Marrakech ( 1980 ),
  • Khatib at the Lalla Souka´na Mosque in Rabat (1989- December 2000),
  • Chairman of The Council of Oulemas (Theologians) of Rabat-SalÚ (1994- December 2000) ,
  • Charged of mission at the Royal Cabinet (on January 1st, 1999).
Appointed by His Majesty the King Mohammed the sixth :
  • Advisor to His Majesty (on Marsh 29th, 2000)